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Nirdosh Herbal liquid balm roll on

liquid balm

Nirdosh Herbal Liquid Balm Formed with a blend of analgesic aromatic oils that help relieve headache in just 15 minutes. Non-irritant and non-greasy Available as a roll-on and this makes it easy to apply and carry Safe, clinically effective, quick and well-tolerated.

An innovative roll-on liquid balm user friendly pleasantly perfumed for the relief of head aches, nasal congestion and cold. It is easy to carry and easy to apply.

  • Karpoor powder (Cinnamomum camphora) 15 Topical analgesic,
  • Rubefacient Pudina ka phool (Mentha arvensis) 15 Counter irriant,
  • Topical analgesic Gandhapura Tel 30 Topical analgesic Perfumed liquid base q.s

How to Use :

Apply gently on forehead. Discontinue in case of repeated occurrence of skin irritation. Not recommended for use on pregnant women, nursing mothers and children below 12 years, Avoid contact with eyes.

Ayurveda and headache : 

In Ayurveda headache is termed as 'shirashool' and comes under 'shiroroga'. With gandhapura tel and hareechaha tel, NIRDOSH HERBAL PAIN RELEIF LIQUID BALM (Roll On). eases headache within 15 minutes.

Ingredients :

  • Phudina ka phool (Meetha Sylvestris, Crystal)
  • Nilgiri Tel (Eucalyptus globules, Oil)
  • Gandhpura Oil (Gaultheria fermentasia, Oil)
  • Karpoor (Camphora Offcinarium, Crystal)
  • Fragrance
  • Light Liquid Paraffi
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